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PP Mask no tejida La máquina de fabricación de granules de tela derretida de derretimiento se usa ampliamente en la situación epidémica

PP Mask no tejida La máquina de fabricación de granules de tela derretida de derretimiento se usa ampliamente en la situación epidémica


PP mask non-woven melt-blown fabric granule manufacturing machine is widely used under the epidemic situation

     On January 20, 2020, the National Health Commission issued Announcement No. 1 of 2020, which included pneumonia infected by the novel corona-virus into the Class B infectious diseases stipulated in the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and adopted prevention and control measures for Class A infectious diseases. In an instant, people all over the country fell into panic, and the new crown pneumonia was menacing, which was overwhelming for a while. What is even more frightening is the highly contagious nature of the outbreak. The lives of residents at home and abroad have been greatly affected.

     And how to effectively resist and prevent the speed of transmission? On January 30, 2020, the National Health Commission issued the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Guidelines for the Protection of People at Different Risks of Novel Corona-virus Infection and the Guidelines for the Use of Pneumonia Masks for preventing Novel Corona-virus Infection, which clarifies that masks are an important line of defense against respiratory infectious diseases and can reduce the risk of novel corona-virus infection. Masks not only prevent the patient from spraying droplets, reducing the amount and speed of droplets, but also block the virus-containing droplet nuclei and prevent the wearer from inhaling. It can be seen that wearing a mask is a simple and effective measure to prevent the infection of the new corona-virus and has become a must-have for people during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. However, masks are not people's daily necessities, and during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks have become a necessity for people's daily life and work. Therefore, the pneumonia epidemic situation of the new corona-virus infection is still very severe, and due to the need for protection and epidemic prevention, masks continue to be snapped up. The production of masks includes from polypropylene granules to medical non-woven fabrics, after the processing of mask machines, the production of masks, and then through strict disinfection, standing analysis, and finally become the core protective materials for the current fight against new crown neumonía.

     Nanjing TENGDA Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, in the operation of the company is also actively responding to the national policy, to fight the epidemic to dedicate their own modest efforts, the technical team strives to develop related machinery on the manufacture of polypropylene particles, so it can link the urgent need to manufacture medical masks. Our company specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of plastic polymer compounding modification equipment with co-rotating twin screw extrusion as the core, as well related process and engineering fields. Therefore, when receiving this notice, our company immediately invested in this research and development and developed PP mask non-woven melt-blown fabric granule manufacturing machine. PP melt-blown particles are a kind of particles made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene as raw materials after heating melting, spraying, traction, and receiving molding. pp melt-blown particles have excellent characteristics of high filtration efficiency and acid and alkali resistance. It can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other impurities in the liquid.


     At the same time, features of pp melt-blown filter elements:

(1)The pore size of the filter element is dense and uniform, and the filtration efficiency is high. Because the particles will be bridged in the pores of the filter element, the particles smaller than the pores can also be blocked, and the filtration efficiency is more than 98%.

(2)Its own cleanliness is high, and there is no pollution to water quality.

(3)Resistant to corrosion of chemical reagents such as acids and organic solvents.

(4)The strength is large, when the filter inlet and outlet pressure difference is 0.4mpa, the filter element is not deformed, and the polypropylene bracket (or immortal steel skeleton) can be lined when the pressure is high.

(5) El precio es barato, se usa principalmente para la primera etapa de filtración, uso único.

     De hecho, no es difícil encontrar que en la vida real tiene muchos usos. PP Aplicación de material en derretimiento:

     El material de PP se utiliza principalmente en medicina y salud, materiales limpios, aislamiento térmico y aislamiento de sonido algodón, materiales de absorción de aceite, separadores de baterías, filtración de aire y necesidades diarias, y las máscaras de materiales de protección epidémica más importantes, ya sea N95 o máscaras desechables, se utilizan materiales de PP derretidos.

     Nuestras máquinas están disponibles en una variedad de modelos que se pueden adaptar a las necesidades de diferentes clientes. Diferentes modelos tienen sus propios métodos de aplicación diferentes, creo que siempre puedes encontrar tu favoritoPP Material de material derribado en nuestra compañía. En la actualidad, el nuevo virus de la corona global no se ha controlado efectivamente, y es muy probable que la prevención epidémica se normalice en el futuro, y la demanda a gran escala de máscaras, ropa protectora y otras sustancias de prevención epidémica también existen para un largo tiempo. Por lo tanto, el mercado de los materiales con derretimiento de PP no estará caliente. Nuestra empresa también continuará recordándonos la calidad de la maquinaria y dedicará el sentimiento social al antiestres.




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